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Take your Pennsylvania wholesale hemp business a step above the rest with Bushel44. Bushel44 stands alone as the ultimate wholesale hemp business and sales management software platform.

Make sure your business is reaching its full potential and take advantage of this rapidly expanding hemp industry. Whether you are a hemp processor, distributor, or product manufacturer, Bushel44’s order, inventory, sales, and operations management tools allow you to take the fuss out of running your business. With the worries out of the way, you can focus on being the most competitive version of your company.

From top to bottom, your wholesale process will be streamlined and simplified with the tools and support our product and team offer you. Real-time inventory, outbound marketing, sales CRM, customizable menus, invoices, compliance docs, market insights, payment processing, and more all come together in one place. The abundance of resources has been carefully designed and adjusted by our team of professionals to support Pennsylvania hemp companies. Farmers, processors, wholesalers, distributors, and product manufacturers can all sleep a little better at night knowing they have experience and cutting edge technology on their side.

We provide your wholesale hemp business with easy access to sales channels throughout Pennsylvania and all around the country. Wholesale purchasers will appreciate the convenience of ordering from your online, fully customizable, branded menu. Buyers and vendors alike now have B2B resources that offer so much more than just buying and selling. Toss the spreadsheets and pages of notes aside and seamlessly use our Quickbooks integration, automated compliance, e-sign, and order history. Whether you are working with familiar clients or with ones you have discovered on our platform, Bushel44 saves your hemp business valuable time and money.

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