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Though the plants may look similar, buying and selling wholesale recreational or medical cannabis is completely different from hemp.

The Apex Trading software suite has been developed exclusively for wholesale cannabis, by industry professionals for industry professionals.

If you have a wholesale cannabis business or know someone who does, please take a quick look at the information below and consider requesting a demo.

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Wholesale Cannabis Producers/Sellers

  • Easily Manage Real-time Inventory, Complete with METRC Integration

  • Quickly Process Orders and Push Directly to Quickbooks

  • Make Buying & Selling Easier with Branded, Customizable Storefronts

  • Own Your Own Brand Experience & Customer Relationships

  • Gain In-depth Understanding with Sales & Inventory Reports

  • Generate New Leads Via the Vendor Marketplace, Storefront Links & Website Menu

  • Guide Decisions with Wholesale Market Pricing Insights

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Wholesale Cannabis Buyers

  • Free and Easy to Join

  • Discover New Products Via Live Wholesale Menus from Top Brands in Your Market

  • Post Your Wholesale Needs to Sellers & Receive Alerts When Items Become Available

  • Create Efficiency with Standardized Ordering Processes

  • Detailed Order History Including all Past Orders with Apex Trading Sellers

  • Automated Invoicing with Licenses, COAs, and Ingredients

Managing Orders, Clients and Inventory
Shouldn’t Be a Hassle