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Looking for ways to make your Oregon wholesale hemp business and sales run with greater ease? Bushel44’s wholesale hemp management software gives you the tools designed from the ground up for the B2B hemp industry. With the Bushel44 wholesale hemp software suite your processes run smoother and faster than ever.

Oregon’s pioneering spirit has helped keep its hemp companies at the leading edge of the industry. Whether it’s furthering the development of sungrown hemp, or its application of natural and organic growing methods, Oregon is at the forefront of hemp production in the US and the world.

Because you’ve put in the time and effort to run your farm at optimum levels, you’ll likely want to run your wholesale hemp business at the same level. That’s why Bushel44 gives Oregon hemp producers, product manufacturers, hemp extractors, wholesale hemp distributors and hemp-based CPG makers the sales, order and inventory management tools needed to succeed in not only Oregon’s, but the US’s demanding wholesale hemp market.

Based out of Portland, Bushel44 has boots on the ground and in the midst of Oregon’s flourishing hemp industry. We’ve created our wholesale hemp software based on real-life experience in the Oregon hemp marketplaces, for Portland down to Medford, over to Bend and all the way to Baker City. We serve all of the major areas, as well as the smaller regional markets dotting the vast Oregon map, with a suite of software tools that help wholesale hemp producers connect with buyers throughout the country to buy and sell hemp products more efficiently.

Thanks to our reporting and analytics tools, Bushel44 gives hemp producers, as well as retail and wholesale buyers, a better understanding of going wholesale hemp prices. We’ve designed this set of hemp business tools to meet the specific needs of hemp processors , biomass farmers , edible, tincture, topical and other product manufacturers. From product inventory and wholesale menus to outbound marketing, sales CRM and invoices, Bushel44 wholesale management software allows a hemp business to streamline every step of the wholesale process. Further, these business management tools cover hemp compliance docs, sales reports, contracts, and more.

No matter where your wholesale hemp buyers are in Oregon or the country, they’ll appreciate the simplicity of ordering through your standardized Bushel44-powered system. Spreadsheets become a thing of the past and are replaced with automated compliance, easy-to-review order history, Quickbooks integration and more. What’s more, shopping is a breeze with customizable, branded, shoppable menus with pricing and product sets, tailored specifically for your buyers. Plus, these menus have proved to be an outstanding tool for prospecting new wholesale hemp buyers.

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