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North Carolina’s Pilot Program and Legalization processes have created enough hoops to jump through. If you, like countless clients across the United States, want to take the headache of operating a hemp business off your hands, look no further than Bushel44. This centralized platform allows for an efficient and more sustainable B2B experience between you and other buyers and vendors. It comes preloaded with hemp order management, sales management, inventory, and market analytics tools just to name a few. Using these tools, you can have a crucial advantage over your competitors.

What sets Bushel44 apart is that it’s more than a marketplace. Our team has been at the forefront of the hemp and cannabis industry for years. We are dedicated to giving you the best experience possible while making you more profitable. Through trial and error, customer feedback, and changes in the industry, the Bushel44 platform has adapted to the times. This experience and adaptability provides you with the peace of mind that your worries are covered, whether doing business from Charlotte, Raleigh, or anywhere in between.

Bushell44’s sale and order management tools allows buyers and sellers alike to keep their business organized. Within seconds, each of your appropriate team members is notified of an order, allowing you to toss those notepads and spreadsheets out the window. What’s more, as soon as an order is placed, our real-time inventory tracking system makes it clear exactly where your business stands. With less effort than ever, your purchases and sales can be processed, packed, and fulfilled. Some of our customers’ favorite part is that all of these sales and purchases are instantly integrated with compliance documents and invoices. It truly does not get any easier to grow your business!

Wherever your business may be in the Tarheel State, you deserve streamlined operations. Get rid of the spreadsheets, wasted time, and pain of running a hemp business and replace them with the tools necessary to put yourself on top. WIth Quickbooks integration, compliant documents, market analysis, communicative channels, order and operations management, and more, Bushel44 is Hemp simplified.

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