Hemp sellers - conveyor belt with hemp and extract bottle

Boost your Colorado wholesale hemp business and sales to the next level with Bushel44’s wholesale hemp management software, created specifically for the B2B hemp industry.

Ensure your wholesale hemp company is dialed in to make the most of this booming industry. Bushel44 gives hemp processors, product manufacturers, and wholesale hemp distributors the order, inventory and sales tools they need, from seed to sale, to succeed in the competitive hemp market.

Our wholesale hemp management software was designed with firsthand knowledge of the hemp market. Whether you sell biomass, smokable hemp, bulk oil, isolate, extracts, edibles, topicals, tinctures, consumer packaged goods (CPGs) or anything else hemp related, we’ve curtailed our hemp business tools to meet your specific needs.

Our wholesale management software allows a hemp business to synchronize and streamline every step of the wholesale process. From product inventory, wholesale menus, outbound marketing, sales CRM, invoices, payment processing, contract signatures, compliance docs, sales reports and more, we have the hemp business solutions to help Colorado farmers, processors, wholesalers, distributors, and product manufacturers succeed.

What’s more, we provide your wholesale hemp business with multiple sales channels allowing you to sell to buyers throughout the country and, ultimately, the world. Your buyers will love the ease with which they can order through the Bushel44 system. No more spreadsheets, but instead, automated compliance, easy-to-review order history, contract e-sign, Quickbooks integration and more. Plus, you can send your buyers custom, branded, shoppable menus with pricing and product sets tailored specifically for them. Or, use that same tool to prospect for new wholesale hemp buyers.

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