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Upload, Display &
Maintain Your
Hemp Inventory

Bushel44 provides the software tools to make uploading, displaying and maintaining your hemp wholesale inventory easier than ever. Our hemp inventory management software delivers a straightforward, yet highly flexible interface to cover all of your hemp inventory needs.

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Bushel44’s hemp inventory management software supports

All product types

biomass, smokable flower, prerolls, cannabinoids, bulk and shelf-ready extracts, hemp seeds, seedlings, clones, and finished hemp-derived goods like tinctures, topicals, capsules, and more.

Our hemp inventory tools are specifically tailored with all the necessary product data inputs associated with each hemp product type - production and harvest batch tracking, COAs, organic certifications, live and automatically updating inventory, statuses (on hold, on deck, backorder), the list goes on...

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These hemp tailored product inputs allow for conveying all important information to your wholesale buyers and removes the endless back & forth.

Welcome to Bushel44™, the most robust, fully-featured wholesale hemp management platform available. It’s loaded with all of the software tools you need to drive your wholesale hemp farm toward success.

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Inventory on Point, Always.

After your hemp products have been loaded in, your inventory automatically updates as buyers place orders and invoices are generated. No more worries about inaccurate inventory being sold more than once. Plus, all of your historic inventory data is at your fingertips to track what’s moving, how quickly, and at what price points and volume discount tiers.

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Inventory Reporting Like Never Before.

As your hemp products start selling, our hemp order management and reporting & analytics tools come into play to continue to improve your operational efficiencies. These and the rest of our hemp enterprise management tools are all bundled together in a robust software suite at prices that will delight even the stingiest CFO.

If our hemp business management software sounds like something that could streamline inventory management and benefit your organization in numerous other ways, we encourage you to sign up for a quick demo below.

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