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Robust User & Company Permissions for Wholesale Hemp Businesses

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Ensure the proper roles and proper information access are assigned to the right people

Whether you’re in a hemp business or any other, when roles and information access haven’t been properly assigned, toes get stepped on, processes break down, and needless energy gets spent on resolving secondary issues rather than taking care of business. That wasted energy translates directly to your bottom line. That’s why we’ve built our hemp enterprise management software with a robust set of user and company permissions.

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Complex Org?
No Problem

No matter how complex your hemp organization may be, you’ll find roles and permissions that suit your needs. With the built-in default roles by department, you’re able to give a user access to specific operational components such as farm, warehouse or processing facility. This means you can manage each of those divisions within your hemp company independently from one another. At the same time, higher level employees can be a part of any or all of the independent divisions. Simply set up your permission to best fit your hemp company.

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The various permissions allow access for brand management, license management, visibility to specific reports.

Certain permissions even allow for the assigning of roles to others. You can easily toggle on and off how much information your teams can access. Though there are countless ways to set your permissions, we’ve built the interface for assigning roles to be really quite straightforward. That means you and your team aren’t spending loads of time figuring it all out and are instead using that energy to drive your hemp company forward.

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Automation Throughout Your Org

What’s more, these user roles and permissions automate processes throughout every department within your wholesale hemp organization. The Bushel44 software platform communicates to all - from inventory and sales to fulfilment and accounting - to help you carry out all steps of your ordering processes.

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What's Next?

These user permissions are just the gateway to the full power of the Bushel44 hemp enterprise management platform, or HEMP, as we like to call it. You’ll find wholesale hemp inventory management, order management, 3rd-party integrations and more. All of it bundled together at prices suitable for everyone from entry-level hemp businesses all the way up to the largest hemp enterprise.

If having a handle on who can do and see what within your organization, tied to an incredibly powerful hemp business management system, makes sense to you, please sign up for a quick demo below.

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