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Get Data to the Right People to Make the Right Decisions for Your Hemp Business

The best way to manage your hemp business, or any business for that matter, is by staying on top of the data. Answers to questions such as, “What was our top selling SKU this month?”, “Who on the Sales team sold the most last quarter?” or “Which of our clients returned the most product last year?” should always be just clicks away. Whatever the information is, having it easily accessible for the folks who need it makes for a smart, empowered team.

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Everything You Need

You’ll find your sales, order and inventory reports that let you see invaluable information about what’s selling and what isn’t, who on your team is selling it, who’s paying what for what, pricing trends, and more. You can use this data to track the performance of your sales team and ensure that the coffee truly is for closers.

With our integrations you’ll be able to tie this information into accounts receivable and accounts payable. The reporting and analytics feature is also connected to market index and pricing reports, so you can see if you're getting the best possible price for your products. Plus, with our easy-to-use interface, you don’t need to be a certified public accountant to find the information you want, fast.

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The reporting tools are interconnected to all of the Bushel44 features

hemp inventory management, order management, multi-location management, marketplace and more. You might think having all of this reporting power coming out of all of these tools would set you back a pretty penny. Rest assured, we’ve worked hard to keep costs down and create pricing tiers that are sure to work with any hemp business, from small start-up to massive enterprise.

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If tying together your various locations and enhancing your operation with an array of software tools sounds like it would help your hemp business save time, money and effort, we suggest that you sign up for a quick demo below.

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