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Quickbook, Slack, Payment Processing

quickbooks, slack, custom api and payment processing

Streamline work between Quickbooks, Slack, Payment Processing & the Bushel44 platform. More to come soon!

Adding the power of 3rd-party software to a business can help propel it to greater profits and past the competition. But, tying the various platforms together can often be quite the challenge. At Bushel44, we’re getting out ahead of this issue by integrating with some of the best-known software out there. Right out of the gate, you’ll find integrations with Quickbooks, Slack and payment processors.

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Quickbooks Integrations

Quickbooks is an accounting software package that is designed for small to medium-sized businesses. Quickbooks offers on-premises and cloud-based applications for payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable. With the Bushel44’s Quickbooks integration you can sync inventory and clients and easily push orders out of the platform into Quickbooks

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Slack Integration

Slack is an instant messaging platform designed to replace or augment email. Within Slack, you can share text information, files, documents, images and more all in one place. Bushel44’s Slack integration allows you to setup hooks that communicate directly from Bushel44 into your company Slack.

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Payment Processing

Equipped with a payment processing application for making and receiving payments online. This is how you and those you interact with on Bushel44 will exchange money for hemp goods and services.

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API Integrations

Bushel44 has been built out to establish API integration with almost any platform. In simple terms, we’ve made it so our software can interact nicely with other applications.

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These software integrations are only a small part of the power behind Bushel44.

Coupled with our inventory management, order management, reporting, multi-location management, and more, these integrations create what many consider to be the most robust hemp enterprise management platform available. What’s more, we’ve made all of our tools straightforward and easy to use. Plus, we’ve priced them to make even the tighfisted CFO willing to losen his grip a bit.

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If having a robust, hemp business management platform with an array of integrations into your current systems as well as options to add more as you scale sounds like something that could work for your business, please schedule a demo below.

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