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Welcome to Bushel44™, where you can research, vet and purchase wholesale hemp products for your stores. You’ll find all the wholesale hemp tools you need to keep in-demand products on your shelves.

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Are you tired of all the headaches that come with sourcing wholesale hemp products?

Researching, vetting, and purchasing hemp-derived products can be challenging. New products and producers are constantly entering the hemp supply chain, which can make it tough when understanding what’s best to carry. Then, dealing with each mfg or distributor and the way they do business can become overwhelming. Bushel44™ provides retailers of all sizes with a more efficient and standardized way of purchasing the hemp products your consumers love. Whether it’s through virtual storefronts/menus or our hemp marketplace, as a retail purchaser you’ll be able to see product and testing information and receive invoices, copies of testing, and make payments all through on centralized platform. Learn more about our features for retailers below.

What our platform offers to Hemp Product Retailers

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