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Wholesale Hemp

Order, Contract & Fulfilment Management

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Track Wholesale Hemp Orders from the Moment they are Placed Through Payment & Completion

The Bushel44 platform not only provides inventory and sales tools, but also streamlines your entire organization’s processes from order, contract management to department tasks, and payments from wholesale buyers. We want to automate the manual steps, in the areas we can, your team takes each day which will reduce overhead and increase profit margins.

Our hemp Order ,Contract & Fulfillment features are fully customizable to align with your processes and those of each of your buyers/clients. Bushel44 provides not only tracking for order stages, but also automates tasks and communications between internal departments - from the packaging team through accounting - to increase operational efficiencies throughout your hemp organization. What’s more, our software automates your invoicing processes for full payments and can even accommodate split billing based on the stage.

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Think of the contract management features as a built-in DocuSign or HelloSign software for your hemp production processes.

Upload and store the various agreements or required documentation to your account that you need hemp buyers to sign. Then, have the docs sent to the buyer automatically at the appropriate order or fulfillment stage at the time you need it completed via our built-in signature tools.

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It's a HEMP - Hemp Enterprise Management Platform

When coupled with our Inventory Management software, CRM, Slack, Quickbooks & Stripe Integrations, Marketplace Exchange, Reports and Payment Processing tools and more, you’ll have the most robust HEMP (hemp enterprise management platform) at your fingertips. Our straightforward user interface and customer support makes using all of these tools a breeze. Plus, we’ve priced our hemp management software suite at rates that will delight even those tightfisted CFOs.

If having Order,Contract & Fulfillment Management tools along with the rest of our hemp enterprise management platform at your disposal sounds interesting, we encourage you to sign up for a quick demo below.

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