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Manage multiple hemp operations and locations from a single point

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Manage multiple hemp operations and locations from a single point

Oftentimes, hemp businesses are more complex than a single farm or processing facility. That’s why we built the Bushel44 platform to support farm co-ops and robust multi-location production facilities. As a multi-operation organization, you are able to distinguish each location from the other down to inventory, licenses, certifications, minimum order sizes, and production information.

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The Right Permissions for the Right Roles

With Bushel44’s robust user permissions, you can also add users for each operation and grant them access to only their company, which increases organizational efficiency and allows them to manage their own inventory, receive orders, and pull reports.. Even if your organization is complex, setting it up is straightforward.

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The multi-operation location management software ties back into all of Bushel44’s other tools to create a complete Hemp Enterprise Management Platform, or “HEMP”, as we say around the office.

So, each location will have inventory management, order management, integrations, reporting and more flowing in and out.

We’ve created our hemp management software to be easy-to-use and priced it to be easy on your operational budget, so that your focus can be more about running your business efficiently and effectively and less about figuring out how to make it work or pay for it.

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If tying together your various locations and enhancing your operation with an array of software tools sounds like it would help your hemp business save time, money and effort, we suggest that you sign up for a quick demo below.

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