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Branded Virtual Storefronts

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Own & Promote Your Brand with Branded Virtual Storefronts

One key piece of running a wholesale hemp business is generating awareness about your brand while also creating long-term relationships with your wholesale purchasing partners. Whether you’re hoping for your brand to be recognizable by retail consumers or not, you’ll definitely want your brand to be known by wholesale hemp buyers.

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More than Just Inventory, Order & Sales Management

When you add Bushel44’s wholesale hemp software to your business, you’ll not only get a comprehensive set of inventory, order and sales management tools to help your wholesale hemp operation thrive, but you’ll also have an array of resources to help you promote your hemp brand. For example, you’ll have your own customizable, branded virtual storefronts.

These secure online pages feature an overview detailing what sets your company apart from the competition - what payment forms you accept, what types of products you offer and more. Your brand and products are supported by images, shoppable menus, quantities available, custom-tailored pricing, testing docs, ingredients - it’s all there . Detailed information, lets wholesale hemp product buyers easily and quickly make decisions as they consider your products. And, the choice to show any of these aspects of your business is entirely up to you.

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Easy-to-Shop Menus with All the Necessary Details & Docs

When it comes to your public menu, you can list details about your product, and choose whether or not to expose prices to prospects at this point in the relationship. Getting into the nitty gritty of wholesale hemp product pricing may come after the introduction to your company. This helps to ensure the right price for the right buyer. Your wholesale hemp menus can be filtered by the products that you offer - plant material, tinctures, extracts, edibles & drinks, merchandise, bulk products, smokable flower, etc.

After a prospective wholesale hemp buyer has reviewed the details about your company and sees the products on your menu, they can choose to contact you directly from your Bushel44-powered storefront. Wholesale hemp sellers throughout the country have found these virtual storefronts to be excellent lead generation tools, as well.

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Virtual Branded Storefronts & So Much More

Of course, virtual branded storefronts are just the start of how Bushel44 helps you save time and money as you run your wholesale hemp business. You’ll also find wholesale order management, hemp inventory management and much more, all at a price that leaves plenty in your wallet.

If having these tools and more sounds like something that would benefit your wholesale hemp operation, please schedule a demo below.

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